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1 a schedule listing events and the times at which they will take place
2 a schedule of times of arrivals and departures

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  1. a structured schedule of events with the times at which they occur, especially times of arrivals and departures


  • (structured schedule of events with the times at which they occur): schedule, timeline



  1. To arrange a specific time for (an event, a class, etc).
    I've timetabled the meeting for Monday afternoon.


  • (insert (an event, etc) into a timetable): schedule

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A timetable or schedule is an organized list, usually set out in tabular form, providing information about a series of arranged events: in particular, the time at which it is planned these events will take place.
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agenda, annals, calendar, card, check sheet, chronicle, chronology, clock card, curriculum, date slip, datebook, daybook, diary, docket, journal, log, plan, programma, record, register, registry, schedule, table, time book, time chart, time scale, time schedule, time sheet, time study, timecard
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